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“There Once Was a Girl”

There once was a very small girl,

Leota, perfect and whole in her

perfection, who after the way of her

kind, did not know this, or what it meant.

Then once her trust was breached,

and again, and again, and again,

fear pouring in through the cracks

in her soul and her heart and her

mind, her body knew fear and she hid,

burrowing deep, deep as deep.

Protecting that tiny fragile seed

of herself somehow she survived

putting forth neither leaf nor flower,

a seed's powerless waiting to find conditions right

but there were a hundred miles of rock and dirt around her

she waited through the ages.

Found herself one day a woman with children of her own

false glimpses of self frightening

how did I get here?

navigating or adrift? sinking?

mines! everywhere! She burrowed deeper yet,

frightened of fear.

One day there was an earthquake, and

understanding suddenly streamed in like life-giving

rays of sunshine, and she saw herself as she really was

and had been,


all along.

Now this very small girl puts out tendrils,

sipping and licking at the tastiness of Life,

recoiling from the bitter

sometimes she still burrows frantically

with fear gripping at her

mind, she hasn't learned trust yet.

Wait with compassion for her

to remember

in those quiet spaces when

her spirit reaches out

be kind

- October 2002

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