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Gallery Shows

In mid-2022, I entered the most prolific period of my life as an artist, which continues to this day. Working mostly on paper with water-based media like inks and watercolors, I've also done larger scale paintings in acrylic on canvas and boards. Around the end of 2022, I started thinking about galleries in earnest! 


Gallery 140

Las Vegas, NM

Four small works were included in a gallery show by the Las Vegas Arts Council, comprised entirely of very small works in a show called, "Cut the Okra Up Small," in January 2024.

grow IMG_6623.jpg

El Zócalo Gallery

Las Vegas, NM

My Tiny Jewels series and other pieces were on display at El Zócalo Gallery in Las Vegas, NM, from November 2023 to February 2024.


La Galería @ The Shaffer

Mountainair, NM

My first solo show, "Art to Soothe Your Brain," at La Galería @ The Shaffer in Mountainair. The gallery opening of December 2, 2023 was set in the summer of 2022, and the show featured about 20 pieces of work.

"Moon Energy," a work in watercolors, iridescent inks and colored pencil, by Leota Brigida Harriman, will be on display at La Galería @ The Shaffer in Mountainair, NM.

Manzano Mountain Art

Mountainair, NM

Featuring artworks in blue, this show ran in September and October 2023 at Manzano Mountain Art Council, and features this work on paper in watercolor, colored pencil and inks, "Moon Energy." SOLD

"Sun Energy," a work in watercolor and inks by Leota Harriman, at Ghostwolf Gallery through June 2023.

Ghostwolf Gallery

Old Town, Albuquerque, NM

Ghostwolf Gallery hosted a juried show in June 2023: called Superfunkadelic, which included this piece, "Sun Energy," along with dozens of funky works of art by other women. SOLD

"Flow," art by Leota Brigida Harriman in watercolor and inks, was sold through Ghostwolf Gallery.

Ghostwolf Gallery

Old Town, Albuquerque, NM

Ghostwolf Gallery hosted a show in March 2023 called "Women's Work," which included this piece, "Flow," in a juried show of dozens of women artists. SOLD

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